Big-Firm Ideas

C&R Consulting, Inc., receives and processes over $150 million in annual contributions to the various plans it administers, with a total asset value of our administered plans estimated at $750 million. From our welfare funds, we annually process and pay over 500,000 medical, dental and optical claims totaling more than $35 million.We issue over 10,000 monthly pension checks to retired employees and beneficiaries which, when combined with lump sum retirement benefits, amount to more than $45 million annually.

Small-Firm Service

Family owned and operated, C&R Consulting services over 100,000 active and retired union members with quality Customer Service and on-time payments. Our Customer Service team provides your Union Members with personalized service, all from our Time Square offices. Our Claims & Payment Processing Services ensure your Members Medical Claims, Pensions or Annuities are processed and paid out on time.

Smart-Firm Technology

Our Candor Direct software is custom designed and maintained in house. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe, secure and readily available when you need it. We can tailor Candor Direct to your requirements with custom reports and queries to ensure that you get the information you need in realtime. Our dedicated IT staff will design, test and implement your system according to your specifications. From pension and annuity processing, remittance processing including dues and welfare, medical claims Candor Direct can do it all. And in solidarity with our Union brothers and sisters all our software develpoment, maintenance and hosting is done here in the United States.

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